Kristiana Del Carlo - Owner, CEO, E-RYT

When I initially became a yoga teacher, my primary goal was aiming for self-transformation. My mindset soon changed, largely due in part to natural intuitive and psychic abilities, as well as my love for nurturing others.  I began realizing that the way I taught impacted the students at core emotional level. This inspired me to move beyond my own desire to embrace spirit and personal growth to a more heart-inclusive stance with my teaching.

I developed the yoga style I teach (Transitive Yoga®), so that it was possible for participants to feel that no matter where they are emotionally, the class environment was safe, self-contained-- allowing a forum for deeper emotional processing and soul-level strengthening through the yoga asanas and  multidimensional meditation practice. I continue to teach meditative techniques to at-risk adults and children who require personal growth and support, and I continue guiding high-risk teens. My practice additionally includes work with veterans, seniors, and those with severe physical challenges.

My heart passion is observing student transformation!  I use yoga as a catalyst to guide students to truly feel the physical body, incorporate the emotional/mental body and rise to the full potential of their spiritual body’s well-being. Over the years, I have been honored to put my intuitive and psychic abilities to work assisting law enforcement, fire departments, psychologists, attorneys, and marriage and family therapists. My proprietary Transitive Yoga® technique and energy modalities provide support for traumatic and emotional holistic healing. Everything I do and practice is always with the purpose of opening the heart, and aligning mind, body and spirit.

Certificates, Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science Criminology
  • Minor Psychology/Rehabilitation
  • Restorative Yoga and Meditation Practice – 19 years
  • E-Registered Yoga Teacher: E-RYT200
  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider 
  • Criminology Private Consultant – 20+ years
  • S.O.A.R. – Success Over Addiction and Relapse
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Somatic Learning Practitioner
  • Job Corp – Lock Down High Risk Youth Rehabilitation

Volunteer Yoga and Energy work

  • Senior Outreach
  • Women's Shelter
  • High School (girls yoga)

About Kristiana

+1.530.514.5047  •  1722 Mangrove Ave Ste 22, Chico, CA 95926