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​​​​​​​​​​Kristiana Del Carlo Lopez - Owner & Leader


Motivated from a young age with her natural inclination toward nurturing others, Kristiana put her intuitive and psychic abilities to work assisting law enforcement, fire departments, psychologists, attorneys, and marriage and family therapists.  She has taught her meditative techniques to at-risk adults and children requiring personal growth and support.  Her unique Transitive Yoga© and energy modalities provide support for traumatic and emotional healing, always with the purpose of aligning mind and body. She continues guiding high-risk teens, and her practice additionally includes work with veterans, seniors, and those with severe physical challenges.


Cheryl Berge 
Cheryl is an Anusara influenced certified teacher since 2011. She began her love of yoga over 10 years ago in an attempt to bring balance to her stressful modern day life. Her intention is to support your personal yoga practice so that when you leave class you feel supported physically, emotionally and spiritually; with a deeper connection to self and others.

Ellen Prose


Ellen is a recent yoga grad from Awakened Yoga University through Awakened Yoga Studio in Chico, CA. She began her yoga practice in 2010 while living in Carson City, NV and quickly fell in love with the mind, body and spirit connection that it brought her. As she graduated from Chico State with her Masters in Social Work, pursuing her LCSW, she is able to combine her love for self discovery and yoga when she is teacher her yoga classes. She truly loves to share her passion with everyone who enters the studio.

Brenda van Dyke-Hallett


Brenda began practicing yoga over 10 years ago and fell in love with the balance and grounding it creates in her life. She began her journey to become a yoga instructor in 2013 and found pleasure in teaching physical movement to heal emotional trauma. As a Mental Health Clinician, pursuing her LCSW, she has combined her love for yoga within her therapeutic practice to assist individuals who are struggling with mental health symptoms.

Kristy Nall


Julia Moreno 


Skyler Molthop​​