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Teachings in Spiritual Dimensions

Required to attend: Shamballa Level 1

Our planet Earth exists in one of countless energetic structures called 15-Dimensional Time Matrix.
Time Matrix’s are created by  Infinite universal source within Itself,  In order to experience anything that Source desires. We are created in the "image" of Infinite Source and as a result we are Co-Creators with this.  WE create with our thoughts and are entirely composed of the energy of the universe.
In this course we will discuss the 15 dimensions and learn about the Ascended Masters , and the planetary spiritual hierarchy and the councils of the universe .. 

Healing Modalities & Workshops

Giraffe Medicine
Connect and speak from your heart
Learn and practice Non - Violent Communication (NVC)

You learn and practice the internal and external conflict clarification with NVC (founded from Marshal Rosenberg) on the topics and situations that you want to bring and work on from your everyday life. You learn step by step, the main elements of NVC to practice self-empathy, to honor and appreciate yourself and others, and to express yourself authentically without judging. We use role-play and the NVC dance floor, which makes the clarification of the conflict through a colored ground anchor physically and tangibly.

Shamballa Level 1:

5 week course

During this course you will learn the origins and purpose of Shamballa.  This course will give you a better understanding of the inter-connectedness of all life.  Once Shamballa Symbols are activated in your body, it provides you with tools to heal yourself along with using the power of Mother Earth and the multi-dimensional realm for healing.  Focus will also be put on the understanding and use of symbols for Self Mastery and the Divine within.  Shamaballa symbols remain within your aura forever.