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Clients Review

“I began this course after completing 8 months of treatment for breast cancer.  This training brought me a connection to my body, mind, and spirit. I have the tools I need to continue my journey. I am mindful as I go through my day. I am strong, I am beautiful, I am healthy. I am. If you are looking for peace, if you are looking for strength,  if you are looking for YOU, take this course."  ~ Karen

"I was in a routine that I thought was making me happy.  I was going through the motions, playing the part I thought I needed to play.  I have experienced a complete transformation.  Now I look at myself with love and gratitude.  If you are looking to find your true authentic spirit I highly recommend Awakened Yoga Teacher Training."  ~ Danielle

There are no words to describe how much Kristi and the team at this studio have changed the life of my entire family. Once you walk through their doors, your journey to a new and better you and a new and better life have begun. My happy place is in this studio with the amazing people who work here. Unconditional Love, Faith, Trust, Guidance, Gratitude and Yoga...you will learn it all here ...I LOVE YOU ALL!! - Jenny

"I was on auto-pilot, cruising along with no active role in my growth.  I have experienced a paradigm shift in how I see myself and others.  I have found PEACE!  I am certain about my beliefs and content with the choices of others.  If you are looking for an understanding of yourself and how you are connected to others, then this is where you will get your answers - Big Wake Up Call!  ~ Cara

"My life was missing something, I was stressed and unfulfilled.  At the completion of training I found my true self - my path that was true and fulfilling for myself.  I found peace, awareness and my STRENGTH." ~ Samantha

"I found strength in myself, and confidence in my ability to facilitate a yoga class guided by Spirit."

"When I started the course my life was in a state of upheaval.  After these 8 months I have claimed my personal power.  I have a connection to my higher self and purpose.  I am more joyful and I have the ability to feel real enjoyment and bliss, personal fulfillment.  Awakened Training helped me realize my goals and the ability to feel present in my body, always in the present moment!   You will acquire tools to connect with your higher purpose and an experience that will take you through your shadows and into your light."  ~ Megan 

I was on a roller coaster ride that I didn't have much control over.  I have found peace in my mind, body and soul.  Learned how to be an observer and participator in life - NOT A REACTOR! You too will find a deeper connection with yourself and others and LIFE.  ~ JM