Yoga Teacher Training Testimonial

by: Kristy Nall

Little did I know when I began my teacher training at Awakened Transitive Yoga in Chico, I would connect with parts of myself I didn’t know existed. As a suicidal alcoholic, I tried daily to numb the pain I carried with me, inhibiting my ability to really live and experience love. I was searching for something but had no idea it was my own true self I so desperately longed for. At Awakened, I learned much more than how to lead a yoga class. Through shamanic healing and yoga, I learned how to release stuck emotional trauma from my being, allowing me to step into my personal power and heal myself. Kristi Lopez and her staff helped me transform into the person I am meant to be, see beyond myself, and in turn, help others transform and heal as well. 
     On November 8, 2018, life as we knew it would change forever for our community. The most viscous, destructive fire in the history of the U.S. ripped through our sister town of Paradise, CA and the surrounding areas. Surrounded by fire and fearing for their lives, tens of thousands of people fled with only their clothes on their backs and whatever they could grab within their 10 minute warning, unknowing of the fate of their homes, friends, and for some, their pets. Many of my friends and clients were affected by this devastating event. Recovery is a slow process, but are doing everything we can to help those in need. My 18 year old daughter Hailey and I chose to stay with friends and offer our home to a family of five who had lost their home and farm in Paradise. They were then able to process their loss, grieve, and begin their healing process. They purchased a home and land in a neighboring town to rebuild the farm and are moving forward with their lives. 
     Having worked with North Valley Mutual Aid, a grass roots community based organization offering support to survivors, I learned that aid can look many different ways. Maybe it’s a hot meal and a blanket, maybe a place to stay, maybe legal assistance navigating insurance claims, or maybe its as simple as a safe place to heal. Awakened Yoga has opened their doors, welcoming everyone affected by the fire to learn yoga and it’s many healing benefits. There is much more to yoga than just excercise and stretching. It is incredibly healing, moving energy through the body, dissipating emotional blockages that cause PTSD, opening realms of awareness previously unexplored. Thanks to my Awakened community and everyone coming together to help each other recover from such a catastrophe, I now understand the power human connection. When we lift each other, we expand the collective consciousness for the betterment of the world. Someone asked me how we are all getting through this. There is one answer. Love. Love for ourselves, love for each other, and love for humanity.

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We at Awakened Transitive Yoga have opened up ALL our yoga classes to welcome people affected by the Camp Fire. Yoga is a great way to get back in touch with your body and breath and get grounded so you can better deal with the stress of this crisis. Whether you are a survivor, a fire fighter, or a volunteer, please join us for yoga . Keep checking in with this website for schedule changes and other helpful healing modalities.
If you would like to donate a monetary contribution to this cause, please check 
Facebook with gofundme, and donate to families directly.

Love, Kristi